Thursday, 2 October 2008

No paddling :-(

Sadly I couldn't go paddling tonight as I'm choked up with the cold. I'm really disappointed as that's the last outdoor evening paddle. But I decided I better be sensible and not risk making my cold worse as I really don't want to be off work or uni. So it's an evening in, keeping warm and learning a new song for music on Monday.

Today's session went ok - but it's really hard work keeping a bigger group of 3 & 4 year olds on task (I'm usually working with groups of 1-4). I was solely in charge of the whole class (20 morning and 18 afternoon) for 15 mins!!! When I say solely, of course the other staff were still in the room, but they weren't involved in our activity. We did a new song - I hear thunder - and I was really pleased with the way the children responded, all joining in with some words and actions. And I must have sung it tunefully enough as they all joined in well :-)

Also did - as usual - lots of reading books, and building in the construction area, and cleaning teeth, playing with trains (which kept going to sleep and we had to be quiet - sssh!), doing puzzles, and playing games in the gym.

It's been a tiring day (especially because this cold is making me feel exhausted) and hard work too but I'm really enjoying it and I'm learning a huge amount!!! Only 6 days of placement to go now...

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