Thursday, 23 October 2008

An eventful week

Well, it's been an eventful week so far. Kye got here last Sunday which was great, I also had a great time with my wee nephew on Sunday morning, I've had my first major assessment at uni (powerpoint presentation about active learning, get the results in a week or so) so it's been really stressful, got handed out the next major assessment as well as about 3 other assessments this week .... and now my car has broken down.

Kye got stranded in Renfrew this morning courtesy of my car. Luckily Andy & Clair came to the rescue, and arranged to get him and the car home to Ayr. So I'm now madly trying to do assignments, do reading in preparation for tomorrow's lecture and find a garage to get the car to!!!!!!!!!

I'm now hoping but not expecting that the car is back by tomorrow evening (very unlikely I would say) so that we can still get to the Canoe Scotland exhibition in Perth for the weekend as planned. I'm also madly trying to make alternative arrangements to get the photo trophy to Perth if we can't get there ourselves. And thinking what else I need to arrange - like cancelling the hotel ..... Aarghhhhhhh!!!!!

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