Friday, 10 October 2008

Final day of placement

I'm sad that's my nursery placement finished - I've had a ball, especially this final week. It's been hard work, and I'm exhausted - and keeping records and evidence of what has been learnt can be very challenging - but I've learned a massive amount, grown in confidence and done lots of fantastic activities with the children. I'm really pleased with how they've responded to me and their obvious enjoyment in the activities. It culminated today with eighteen 3 & 4 year old singing along with me and playing their rainsticks (which we spent the last 2 days making) and - here comes the really impressive bit - starting to play when I indicated and stopping when I indicated, no making lots of noise when they weren't supposed to. Fantastic. And the singing just got louder and louder and the enjoyment was just so obvious, it was really great.

Another brilliant moment from today had to do with my pictures in the sand which have gone down very well (and have had to be left at nursery because the children are enjoying them so much). One of the children was using the rainstick to show me that heavy rain and light rain sound different - I said "It's raining heavily, I'm getting soaked, I need an umbrella". A minute later someone else appeared with the umbrella picture out of the sand for me!!

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